….What now?

Here we are, folks, finally!
Coming to you as Mrs. Hall!! (That is so weird). We finally pulled it off, after 26 months, two wedding plannings, and one hurricane, we had the most perfect, most fun, most amazing day! I am so happy to be able to finally call Tom my husband and to move forward!
Here are some pictures I have not shared on any soch meeds yet because I am waiting for our photographer’s version, but since you all took the time to read this and be here, I want to share them with you!
 You could say I’m obsessed.
Wedding Prep
As I noted on instagram, I ended my hard core wedding prep about a week prior to the wedding, as my dress fit perfectly and I was not about to mess that up, also, I was not going to have time for all my workout and was not going to miss out on all the good wedding week food being stringent about my diet!
Here is that post from instagram, with my final pictures!

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