Wedding Prep….Round 2

Okay, so were are doing this!
Y’all told me you want to follow my cut or as I am going to be calling it “Wedding Prep” by giving me the most likes I’ve ever gotten on instagram (like 80…I’m pretty popular guys ;)). I am pretty nervous about this, as I will be doing it on my own and my body could react a few ways to this. Today I’m just going to lay out what it means to bulk/cut, what I have been doing to get ready for this cut, and what is to come.
First of all I have to say, what I am doing is not recommended for everyone. My body is different than yours, my goals are different than yours, I am toying around to see what works best for my body. After the wedding, I will go right back to reverse dieting. This is a short term process in order to look the way I want to on my wedding day.
What is a bulk?
A bulk or bulking is when you are eating a surplus of calories for a given amount of time with the goal of adding muscle. With the gain of muscle comes a bit of fat gain as well, unless you’re lucky. What is a surplus? It means you are eating more calories than you are burning throughout the day.

 Here are my progress pictures after my reverse last winter, no real ab definition, excess fat around legs, butt, and arms. 
What is a cut?
A cut or cutting is either gradually or rapidly decreasing calories and adding exercise until you are in a caloric deficit with the goal of losing fat mass. The goal is to lose fat with as little muscle loss as possible but with the loss of fat mass, can come a loss of some muscle mass as well. A caloric deficit means you are burning more calories throughout the day.

 Toward the end of my cut last year, more defined everything, less fat on arms, legs, and hips. 
What I have been doing to prepare for this cut?
Last year I spent most of my time reverse dieting to get myself into a surplus and was in a surplus for about 2 months before I had to start cutting in July for our wedding last October. After our wedding was cancelled due to a hurricane, I went right back to reverse dieting to get back to a surplus. I only had about 8 months to bulk and cut for the NEXT wedding in June. Ideally, I would have gone back to surplus immediately, but that can cause rapid fat gain, which can be avoided by reverse dieting back up. (You can read about reverse dieting here).
So that is what I did, I reversed from 1460 ish calories (SUPER LOW, but keep in mind this was the end of a 3 month cut!) back up to 2000, where I am right now. I have been at 1950-2000 for about 2 months. I weigh about a pound more than I did before the (first) wedding.
As far as workouts, I have been mainly lifting heavy 3-4 days a week with two short HIIT cardio sessions a week because I love them. 
I am in a caloric surplus for me- my maintenance is around 1800-1825. This means if I eat 1800-1825 calories a day, I won’t gain or lose weight. Its about the same as my average daily caloric expenditure.This means I have ROOM to cut calories. If I was still at 1460 there is no way in the world I could cut because then we’re approaching dangerously low calories. (Goodbye metabolism and goodbye any and all muscle).I have been keeping cardio to a minimum because now I can add cardio in for extra calorie expenditure. If I already had been doing hours of cardio a week, again, there is no where to go but add MORE cardio and again, bye bye muscle, bye bye metabolism. Hello, fat storage.After years of eating disorders, I don’t take to bulking/cutting well. My body sees caloric deficits as a threat and could very well just hold on to fat for survival. Hence, this being trial and error for me.
So what is to come…
Next week, my cut starts and will go through June 10th. I will start by adding 45 minutes of steady state cardio 3 days a week, keeping my two HIIT session, 3 lifts, and lowering my macros. I do not have them calculated yet, but that is on my to-do list for tomorrow. I do not know if I will share my macros or not because I do not want anyone thinking they should be where I am. Again, different people, guys.
I will also be cleaning up my diet a bit. I’ve gotten lazy and have been eating oatmeal 24/7. I will also be adding in some supplements I will share as we go.
Over the next 14 weeks, I will post updates on my measurements, weight, and progress pictures with you all, as well as how I am feeling and my mental state.
My goals are to lose an inch around my lower waist, half an inch around my natural waist, an inch around my hips, and a half an inch around each leg and arms. BUT my main indicator, will be pictures. I want to see some of my muscle a bit more and there is no scale or tape measurer that will show me that. Pictures are enough.
I will post on Sunday my very pale start pictures as well as my measurements! (YIKES)
Again, I’m so nervous to be doing this, but I am very happy to have you all along for the ride. I appreciate all your support! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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