Updates, Updates, and more Updates.

Oh, hey there.
Long time no see!
So I am very sorry for my absence, life has been crazy and I have been lacking the time and desire to blog! Trying to balance three jobs, grad school, wedding planning, and blogging has been tough! I wanted to hop on here this morning and just share what’s been going on, how wedding prep is going, and what the future holds!
Where you been girl?
Everywhere. Literally. We went to Florida for a weekend, were back in Raleigh for 3 days then went to Iowa the following weekend for my bridal shower and couples shower, the back to Raleigh. Both trips were amazing, so much family and friend time we do not get enough of living far away from home. I ate and drank (and drank and drank during the couples shower) food and drinks I don’t usually consume. It was stressful for a bit, then someone said “Gosh, this has to be amazing for you, how often do you get everyone you love together like this for a party?” and it was like I was hit over the head with a ton of bricks. “UM, NEVER!”  And then I shotgunned a beer. (#balance?)
They day I got back to Raleigh, I started on a new work schedule that I am loving but still adjusting too. I am back teaching group fitness, which is where I started in this industry, It’s my bread and butter and I did not realize how much I missed it!
Wedding Prep Mini Update
Wedding prep is still in full swing! 2 weeks left people! Tom and I have started intermittent fasting, which means we just go 14-16 hours without eating (from like 8 or 9 pm until noon or 1 pm). I will write a blog on this at some point once we experiment a little more. The main reason we are doing this is because my calories are low (for me – around 1500 RN) and it is hard for me to eat all day and fit it in my macro/caloric budget. We’ve been doing it for almost a week now and it has helped! I will post a photo update next week as we will be ONE WEEK OUT! WHOOOOT!
Here is a preview of where we are physique wise! Not going to lie, feeling leaaaan!
The future is bright!
So that is about it for updates! Like I said I will have a wedding prep update next week, and then I will be back with more content after the wedding! Thank you for your patience and support!

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