Shit I Love Sunday: 6/30

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Sunday because, boy oh boy, do I have some good stuff for y’all today! Let’s just jump into it!

Here are the products mentioned today.  To skip the summaries, here’s a list of the products and my rating. They are all linked so go check them out for yourself!

  1. American Mayhem All American Butters: 8/10
  2. Day Designer Planner: 10/10
  3. Elf Cosmetics 16-Hour Camo Concealer: 9/10


  1. American Mayhem All American Butter IMG_2962

This shit is gooooood. I got it in three flavors Cookie Batter Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake Peanut Butter, and White Chocolate Pretzel (obviously). Most of the taste is peanut butter with a hint of the extra flavor. They also have pieces of cookie or sprinkles or pretzels, which is my favorite part! I would have loved more of the specialty flavor to come through and more pieces. This is another one of those things, I would stick to regular PB if you could care less about PB.


If you are a nut butter addict like me (first step is admitting you have a problem, right?), you need to at least try this.

Also, the macros are bomb.

AAB Cookie Batter Peanut Butter

Final rating: 8/10

2.  Day Designer


I do not go anywhere without my planner. I am so type A, I plan every day by the hour (half hour). My old day designer planner just ran out of dates and when it was time to get a new one, I just opted for this one (a smaller size of my old planner.

It allows you to plan by hour and make to-do lists. Two of my most favorite things. Plus it is adorable.


Final Rating; a hard 10/10


3. Elf 16 Hr Camo Concealer 

So I have talked about this before, I used it in my make up tutorial and I mentioned I didn’t know about it because it was too light for me. However, I got it in my shade and I frickin love it. Lately, I have been wearing just this, no foundation. It blends beautifully, has great coverage, and I love the applicator. (Shade that worked for me was “Medium Peach”)

Also, it’s $5.

Only complaint, it can be a bit drying. Other than that, I love it.


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