Unless you do not use the internet (if that’s the case I do not know how you are reading this) you probably have seen or heard about Lady Gaga’s amazing performance at the superbowl.
Oh wait.. no.. you probably heard more about her outfit at the super bowl and her "rolls"…
Now, I have about 540,0248,0944 comments and complaints about this whole thing and while I could spew them all over you in a rambly paragraph post, I am going to bullet them below. You’re welcome.
Her performance was outstanding. Her voice was flawless, while dancing in a way that would leave most of just weezing and lying in a puddle of sweat. But no, she sang as she danced, she played piano, & she straight up killed it. She is such a massive talent that so many people have ignored because of her outlandish style choices. This was a surprise to most people that she was not just a pop star in a meat dress, but a gifted performer.That really is all that should have mattered.

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