I Just Want to Lose 3 Pounds…

Any time I hear someone utter those words, "I just want to lose X pounds," I want to scream a slew of curse words and questions. 
Now, I say this, knowing I have said "I just want to lose 5 pounds by spring break" or "I just want to weigh 119 pounds," and many other variations of those phrases. 

If you have a lot of excess body fat, then yes, losing weight will be beneficial to you. However, if you are just unhappy with your appearance or are uncomfortable at your current weight, it may be beneficial to shift your focus way from "losing 5 pounds by next month" or for several reasons.
1.This is the Definition of Yo-Yo Dieting
When people set these specific weight loss goals, they can go some drastic measures to reach them. You cut calories, skip lunch, and add in an hour of cardio a day for 3 weeks and viola! You’ve lost those 5 pounds! Now, what happens when you add back in lunch and stop doing that hour of cardio that you hated in the first place? You gain 7 pounds! Weird…why? Because your body is protecting itself for the next time you cut its energy source and run it into the ground.
Now you just want to lose 7 pounds. More than likely, you try the same technique to lose these 7 pounds. Those same 3 weeks past, and you’ve only lost 3 pounds..WTF? Your body is smarter than you. It’s going to take a lot longer this time, but you may get there. But the cycle will continue. This type of dieting does so much damage to your body and is not worth it. 
2. You Probably Won’t Achieve the Look You Want
When you lose weight, not only are you losing fat but you are losing muscle. It’s pretty inevitable. If you are going to fast weight loss, especially with copious amounts of cardio, you’re going to lose even more muscle than slow, steady weight loss. What does this leave you looking like?  You won’t be "toned" or "lean",  you’ll be a slightly smaller version of your current self.
3. You are Ignoring the Underlying Issue 
I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not about the 10 pounds. Why are you not happy with yourself the way you are right now? Why are you not enough at the weight you are? When you love yourself, you want what is best for yourself. That usually doesn’t include a number. Your self worth cannot be quantified. You are worthy, just the way you are.

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