I’ve talked (at length) about my cut on social media. Many of you were on the roller coaster with me (quite honestly, I don’t know if I would have made it to the end without those of you who followed along, so thank you!) One of the best things about blogging is these blogs act as diary entries for me that I can look back on. So, that I how this is written, to me, from me, for me. 

Your cut started in March (March 10th to be exact- Hi, you are type A). However, this all started a year ago, last October. From 2015-2017, you had done a lot of reverse diets to mini bulk to mini cuts.

And let’s take a detour here for some definitions-

“Reverse diet” is bringing calories up slowly from where they currently are with the goal of providing your body more food energy and raising your metabolism.

“Bulking”- is eating in a caloric surplus (eating more calories than you burn a day) with the goal of putting on muscle (and fat comes along for the ride).

“Cutting”- is taking away calories to get into a caloric deficit (eating less than you are burning) in order to lose body fat (and some muscle goes along for the ride).

You sucked at bulking and cutting. You worked with coaches and by yourself, bringing calories up to gain muscle, then the minute weight started to come on you’d say “Okay, that’s good, time to cut again.”


You never stayed in a caloric surplus long enough for your metabolism to stabilize or even rise, nor was you there long enough to put on any significant amount of muscle. 

So when you jumped into my mini cuts, you were eating less, but not losing. Your metabolism was still lower, so going into a caloric deficit was not effective because you were not really even IN A DEFICIT!


In October of 2017, you decided to quit your bull shit. So you did. You started reverse dieting on your own- eating more, lifting heavier, and putting on weight. As someone with an eating disorder, weight gain is the biggest mind fuck (next blog post). When gaining weight got hard, you reached out to Laurin Conlin, for help with your reverse. You wanted someone to keep me accountable and from cutting when the weight started to come on. You continued to bring calories up and cardio down from November to March. Here is where we started.

In March you started my cut,  you cut for 23 weeks, GRADUALLY decreasing your carbs and fats and GRADUALLY adding cardio. With these gradual decreases, you gradually started to lose body fat (and a little muscle). you lost about one pound a week, sometimes two, sometimes I did not lose anything. Over the 23 weeks you lost about 16 pounds from the start of your cut and 20 pounds from your heaviest last winter. 

Those 23 weeks were incredible- in bad and good ways. Let’s get the bad out of the way… As you started to get further into your cut you:

  • Were moody and anxious a lot
  • Were always tired but slept like shit
  • Struggled to find balance with social events
  • Had several major and minor melt downs
  • Were hungry and craved everything

And the good..

  • You learned a self discipline you never knew exsisted
  • You got an equal return from the work you put in to what you got back
  • You worked hard for what you wanted and that made every win so much sweeter
  • You learned a new kind of patience
  • You gained friends in the fitness space
  • You motivated yourself and others
  • You found a new passion for bodybuilding you had previously lost
  • You followed the fuck through
  • You got in the best shape of your life

It was not easy and it took a full year to get you here but it was worth it. This is just the start for you and this body. Keep being patient, keep being dedicated. You are your only the one who can hold you back or get you where you want to be.




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