Expectation vs. Reality

For the first time in a long time, I had a moment in the mirror today when I didn’t like what I saw.
It had nothing to do with the way I looked. I love the way I look right now.
It had everythibg to do with the fact that I’m going to the beach for the first time this year with about 20 people. Being a trainer I feel people have certain expectations of what I should look like.
<10% body fat
Six pack
Lean legs

About 19-20% body fat
A four pack at best on a good day
Not so lean legs

And there goes my confidence- for a moment.
All because of what I assume people will think.
Not even what they actually think it said.
BUT then I remind myself of a few things
1. My body is my body and my body alone . If I am happy with it that is all that matters.
2. I cannot control people’s thoughts, nor can I assume them.
3. Everyone has a different idea of beauty- my perfect body is different than anyone else’s.
4. I am finally living a balanced live- with great workouts, great food, great friends and family, and great drinks😉 this is the body that is a  product of that life and that’s amazing in itself.
And I’m back baby. I love this body and what it can do and what it does for me every day ❤
Sometimes you have to truly TALK TO yourself- don’t just listen to the passive thoughts that run through your head.
You have the power to change your mindset if you try.
So I’m off to the beach for a day of fun and too much alcohol! While I don’t condone drinking to deal with your problems it’s been a long week for both Kristen and I. She is fighting an unknown allergy that’s taking a toll on her. And I lost my grandpa on Thursday.
My wedding prep update will be out Wednesday of next week, along with a new workout. thank you for your patience and understanding! ❤

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